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NOYZR the band’s first release and all in-house production


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The Los Angeles based rock formation NOYZR just released their first single entitled Symptoms. And, oh yeah, it’s a banger!


NOYZR has it’s roots in Berlin, Germany where Matt and Stefan were the backbone of the band Faunshead, performing all across the old continent and running their very own Studio K61. After perfecting their sound in Berlin and sharpening their craft all over Europe the boys have decided to establish their headquarters in the city that harbors all the music they love, Los Angeles. NOYZR is more than just a band, the two long time friends have used their skills to establish a production company, assisting artists from everywhere with their recordings and productions. They’ve also started a Youtube show called Noyz Talk featuring all their favorite independent artists and discussing what it means to be a musician in the digital age.

Photos: Julian Raggl

After spending some time on the all new widespread business plan a first release as a band was long overdue. Symptoms is their first release under the new name, and taking the time to fine tune their first song coming out of their new California home base was well worth the wait. Symptoms is just the right song for the times. It’s a rock answer to the all the weirdness and frustration that seem to have become the norm these days.

Affected by the worldwide travel restrictions, the band figured out a way to work together and overcome the distance – Stefan is stuck in Austria while Matt maintains their Los Angeles base – to make Symptoms an all in-house production. Writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering was all done by NOYZR, and the result will stretch your suspender to the max. Introducing keys in the line-up for the first time, the NOYZR boys finally achieve their life long dream of bringing together under one roof that European electronic dance feel and that desert rock groove. Just as the name implies, the band certainly knows how to be loud and punch you in the gut with that heavy hitting sound, but also delivers psychedelic atmospheres that will have you dreaming just long enough that you’ll be wanting that hard drop again. We can only hope that live shows will be a part of the landscape again soon, so that you can find out for yourself how the band transmits their enormous energy on stage. Until then, if you are an enthusiast of high octane energetic music, you absolutely want to keep an eye out for NOYZR and check out Symptoms. The boys have big plans for the future and Symptoms is just the first release of many.

Just like it says in their new track: “We’ve come to claim what’s ours and set fire to this house of cards.”


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